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zChocolat.com is committed to elevating the art of gift giving to a new level of personal expression -- one of imagination, intelligence, and elegance -- and one that assures that the giver will make a grand and lasting impression.

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James from 24HourMall


There are few things in this world as universally celebrated as chocolate. In a vast world filled with a myriad of different cultures, it is no easy task for any item (edible or otherwise) to become interwoven into so many worlds as chocolate has. Everybody loves chocolate, or is close to someone that does. A generalization, perhaps, but a reasonably sound one. Chocolate, especially fine chocolate, is a delicacy just about anywhere that you go. Of course, there are many different kinds and qualities of chocolate. There's the chocolate that you can buy by the bar at your local convenience store; tasty but unspectacular. There's the boxed chocolate that becomes ubiquitous around Valentine's Day; good quality and aesthetically pleasing, but still fairly common. Then we come to the heavy hitters, the companies that provide a truly gourmet chocolate experience. Welcome to the world of zChocolat.com. Chocolate is a serious business to these people. The company is based in France, hence the focus on French chocolate. We're talking about the higher end of high-end here. The sheer variety of chocolate types is astonishing, but the kicker is the fact that all of it is made by chocolatiers hand-picked by the zChocolat staff. Sweet, delectable treats await you at every turn. However, that isn't all. Recognizing that the chocolate experience is about more than taste, zChocolat.com regales us with merchandise that is as aesthetically pleasing at it is delicious. There are gifts upon gifts available here as well; engravable boxes, chocolate clubs, and the like. Any chocolate lover would be well-served by a visit to zChocolat.com.

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