Visit Sears at is a source for the wide range of products and services available from Sears. In addition to researching and buying products, customers can schedule service calls, order replacement parts, access Sears' gift registry or manage their Sears credit account.

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Karen from 24HourMall


The department store has long been a vital part of the retail landscape. The convenience inherent in being able to make multiple, varied purchases at a single store is hard to measure. It certainly beats having to quest all over creation, finding stores that specialize in what you need. Specialization certainly has its place; we’d certainly lose some of our more unique purchasing opportunities in the face of homogenization. Now department stores litter the landscape, but there are a few that have demonstrated vast amounts of staying power head and shoulders above their contemporaries. Sears is definitely one of them; quite possibly the granddaddy of them all. Now, with their well-executed foray into the virtual marketplace, Sears illustrates for us some of the adaptability and forward thinking that has helped keep them around for well over a hundred years. Your parents shopped at Sears. Their parents, too, and their parents; Sears has been around long enough to bridge multiple generations. The formula is simple: give people quality goods at reasonable prices and you will succeed. A simple attitude, but one that has borne up well over the years. You can get just about anything you could want at Electronics, clothing, toys, tools, automotive accessories, home and garden products…the list just keeps going, and it’s all backed by the good name that Sears has spent more than a century cultivating. Yes, they’re a large corporation, but your grandparents and great-grandparents helped to ensure their success. If Sears was good enough for them, then Sears ought to be good enough for us. is one of the best online department stores that you’re going to find.

Customer Rating

Product Information 5
Tracking and Delivery 5
Customer Service 4
Return or Replacement 4
Would Shop Here Again 4

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